Last Minute Preparation on the Day of Your IELTS Examination

What to do on the day of IELTS examination is just as important as preparing for it! Your presentation on the day plays an important role in making an impression on the examiner. Preparing yourself well for the examination and grooming yourself for it go hand in hand for securing a high IELTS band score.

To help you put your best foot forward, we bring you some useful tips. Make sure you take care of the following factors:

i. Dress Smartly: Wear whatever makes you comfortable, as long as it is smart and not too casual. Ensure your clothes are well ironed

ii. No Bad Breath or Unkempt Hair: Keep a mouth freshener or mint handy before facing your examiner for the IELTS speaking test. In addition, ensure that your hair is tidy and neat. Avoid any fancy hairstyles, keep it smart.

iii. Walk Firmly & Maintain Eye Contact: Have a confident body posture as you stand or sit. While speaking with the examiner, try not to fidget with your hair or pen. When speaking to the examiner, it is imperative that you maintain eye contact. Try not to stare blankly at the walls/floor or up at the ceiling. This could affect your score.

iv. Exchange Pleasantries: An appropriate ‘Good Morning’ / ‘Good Afternoon’ when you meet the examiner is highly recommended. Before you leave, remember to wish her/him a ‘Pleasant Day’. Exchanging polite pleasantries helps break the ice and leaves a good impression.

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