Meet the Founder and Master Trainer

Our veteran trainer, Kusum Wahi has the experience of preparing young adults to established professionals who strive for self-expression in their communication and want to be heard.  She has more than a decade of experience in edification and has experienced the same in US and India.

KUSUM WAHI is a coach, educator and an image consultant.   Her profile testifies her career successes and solid commitment to providing students with excellent skills.  She has graduated from USA in English, Psychology, French and Photography. She has earned Master’s degree in English as well as Teaching Certification for English in education. She is an IELTS enthusiast, taught students from all spheres across the globe.

Being a well-rounded mentor, she has developed phenomenal communication, interpersonal, organizational and leadership abilities to transform her pupils.

Have an interaction with her! Get your confusions sorted out.


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