Study Abroad

For all those students seeking to study abroad and get all facilities under one roof.

Course Content  
  • Counselling
  • Consultation
  • Profile Building
  • Guidance
  • Visa Processing
Learning Outcome
Our personal guidance will help reach the student to his destined university.

IELTS Preparation

For those who want to crack IELTS examination to study abroad or for immigration

Course Content  
  • Orientation of all the Modules
  • Module Criteria and Rubrics
  • Practice based Classes
  • Special emphasis on writing
  • Learning the Tricks and Tips in Reading and Listening Modules
  • Daily Speaking Classes
  • Mock tests
Learning Outcome
 The applicant will be able to appear for the test confidently after taking the test, aiming for higher Band Score.
ielts speaking

English for IELTS

For those who struggle with the English Language yet have to clear IELTS examination.

Course Content
  • Guidelines to IELTS
  • Lexical Resources, Cohesive Devices
  • Grammar
  • Phrases and Idioms, Collocations
  • Spellings
  • Practise Worksheets
Learning Outcome
The students will be able to appear for the IELTS examination without hesitating and fear.