Day 5-8 Worksheet

Day 5 Worksheet: Punctuation: Apostrophe

The apostrophe has two primary functions:

1) to show possession of a noun

2) to show the omission of letters

1) to show possession of a noun 

• add ‘s to the singular form of the word (even if it ends in -s):

 I drive near the president’s house every day.

 I like James’s car.

 • add ‘ to the end of plural nouns that end in -s: 

These are my sisters’ dresses. 

These are my friends’ pencils. 

• add ‘s to the last noun to show joint possession of an object: 

We are at Todd and Anne’s apartment. 

Example: That is the house of David.  That is David’s house.

1) This is the shoe of the girl.  ___________________________________________________. 

2) We are at the room of the hotel.  _______________________________________________. 

3) He is the son of Marcus.  ______________________________________________________. 

4) This is the house of Julie and Juan.  _____________________________________________.

5) Please close the door of the car.  _________________________________________________. 

6) The flowers of the plant are red.  ________________________________________________. 

7) The website of the College is confusing.  ___________________________________________. 

8) I want to play the guitar of Ernesto.  ______________________________________________. 

9) Do you want to walk to the side of the river?  _______________________________________. 

10) I want to ride in the car of Bobbie.  ______________________________________________.

Missing apostrophes!

Rewrite the sentences using the apostrophe in the right place.

Day 6 Worksheet: False Friends

 1. I don’t have enough money. I need to (borrow / lend) _______________ ten dollars. 

2. Would you like some (desert / dessert) _______________ after dinner? 

3. A: What time is it? B: (Its / It’s) _______________ almost eight o’clock. 

4. I saw (your / you’re) _______________ brother at the shopping mall yesterday. 

5. The Sahara (desert / dessert) _______________ is a very hot and dry place. 

6. (Your / You’re) _______________ late. What happened? 

7. If you need more money, I can (borrow / lend) _______________ you ten dollars.

 8. I ate all the food (accept / except) _______________ the broccoli. 

9. The new rules had a big (affect / effect) _______________ on the company workers. 

10. My cat ate (its / it’s) _______________ food and then fell asleep. 

11. You should say “Thank you” when you (accept / except) _______________ a gift. 

12. Will the rainy weather (affect / effect) _______________ your travel plans?

On a separate sheet of paper, write one sentence for each set of words, underlining each commonly confused word. (You may write more than one sentence per set if needed.) Staple the paper to this sheet.

Example: I’m quite excited that the students are quiet today so we can all write! 

1. (were, where, we’re) 

2. (its, it’s) 

3. (your, you’re) 

4. (there, their, they’re) 

5. (to, too, two) 

6. (then, than)

Worksheet: Day 7

Unjumble the underlined words to make proper phrases.

Shopping most be of world’s must one the popular hobbies. I hate it. nothing There’s than boring more wandering around shopping malls. What a waste of time. of I people know who a like lot window shopping – just walking around shops without wanting to buy anything. Crazy! My for ‘ , plan is in out’ shopping quickly quickly. If I have to go shopping, I go in the morning on a weekday. This is stores empty you the are and when can get what you want quickly, without thousands of other shoppers getting in your way. is shopping go to time worst The on a Saturday afternoon during sale season. It seems as though of world’s hunters all the bargain are in the same store as you. shopping I happy online came was when along. This is very relaxing.

Match the words in column A to their meanings in Colum B

A bidA trademark
A bargainA person who operates a cash register
A branda card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend.
A cashierA transaction
A chainAn offer in auction
A corner shopA market where antiques and other second hand goods are sold.
A billA good deal
A billboardA business with a commercial license.
A dealA large panel for advertising
A flea marketA company with branches
A discount storeAn invoice
A franchiseA small local shop that sells a little of everything
Loyalty cardA shop where everything is sold below the MRP.

Day 8 Worksheet: Phrases

  1. So, you’ve never been to Russia before? Tell me what are your ___________________.
  1. ______________ I felt a little bit nervous, but once I got started, it was ok.
  1. Carl is very well-connected with all the important people, he claims to be  __________ with the Prime Minister.
  1. It’s very difficult to attract really _____________ teachers on the low salaries we offer.
  1. Atleast, one member of staff should be trained in _______________ in case there’s an accident at work.
  1. We spent hours in the traffic jam driving ____________.
  1. When I met him for the first time, it was love ____________. We got married a week later.

Match the phrasal verbs with the correct meaning.

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