Worksheet: Sequencing Sentences

Arrange the sentences in the correct order to form a story.

Question no 1

P: She said that they were brown but they were actually black.   

Q: James told Susan to return the donkey to him.

R: Susan was caught and James got his donkey back.

S: One day James saw Susan riding on his lost donkey.

T: James covered the donkey’s eyes and asked Susan the colour of its eyes.

  1. PRTQS
  2. TRSQP
  3. STPQR
  4. QRSTP

Question no 2

P: Her friends were always talking about the fun they were having in the club.

Q: In the end, Lora joined the Nature Club. She had a lot of fun with her friends.

R: Her friends joined the Nature Club. They invited her to join the club but she refused.

S: She also managed her time well and scored high marks in her tests.

T: After sometime, Lora began to feel left out because her friends were talking about things they did without her.

U: Lora wanted to do well in school. She did not want to take part in activities that would take her away from her studies.


Question no 3

P: He wanted that bone too for himself.   

Q: Suddenly he found a big juicy bone and he immediately grabbed it in his mouth.

R: As he opened his mouth, the bone he was biting fell into the river.

S: Once there was a dog who wandered in search of food.

T: While crossing a river, he saw another dog with a bone in its mouth.

  1. TPSRQ
  2. SQTPR
  3. PRQTS
  4. QSTPR

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