Worksheet: Sentence structure

Abstract Nouns

An abstract noun is the name of something that you can’t touch, taste, hear, smell or see.  It refers to a thing which does not have a material form.

Example: The government rewarded the brave man’s honesty.

happiness, pleasure, cruelty, care, anxiety, bravery, principles, freshness, helpfulness, kindness, strength, beauty, enthusiasm, fragrance, absence, health, excitement


  1. There was __________ at the flower show held at the Mughal Garden.
  2. The guests were enchanted by the __________ of the colourful blossoms.
  3. The __________ of the contributors was evident on their looks.
  4. All the judges gave grades for the __________ of the flowers.
  5. The atmosphere was filled with the __________ of the flowers.
  6. There was __________ in the moods of one and all.
  7. One of the prize champions said that __________ is important for the healthy growth of any plant.
  8. It was __________ to watch the display.

Answers: 1. excitement  2. freshness 3. happiness 4.  beauty 5. fragrance 6. enthusiasm 7. care 8. pleasure

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

  1. I went to the railway station to get __________ information. (a few / a little)
  2. Netizens today spend so __________ hours on the internet! (much / many)
  3. Mitya has a good job and makes a large __________ of money. (amount / number)
  4. Hurry up, the politician doesn’t have __________ time. (much / many)
  5. My new neighbour only knows __________ people in the town. (a little / a few)

Answers:  1. a little  2. many  3. amount  4. much  5. a few

Circle the correct option.

  1. May I have some/any more pie?
  2. Are there some/any foreign pupils in your course?
  3. We need an/some information about invertebrates for our biology assignment.
  4. There weren’t some/any people at the bus stop because the drivers were on strike.
  5. There aren’t some/any mangoes left.  Could you get me some/any?

Answers: 1. some, 2. any, 3. some, 4. any, 5. any. some

Circle the uncountable noun in each group.

  1. cherry         butter           tomato         garlic
  2. purse          bank              wallet           money
  3. sofa            wardrobe      furniture       armchair
  4. glue            pot                glass           dialogue
  5. head          elbow            eye              hair

Answers: 1. butter, 2. money 3. furniture 4. dialogue 5. elbow

Identify and write the correct countable or uncountable nouns.

  1. When we moved out of town, we packed up all of our __________. (furniture / furnitures.)
  2. They have two __________ (dogs / dog) in their home.
  3. I’ve had so much __________ (coffees / coffee) today!
  4. I do not like when women wear a lot of __________ (makeups / makeup).
  5. We built a house between the two __________ (trees / tree).
  6. The crowd came up with a lot of great _________ (ideas / idea)
  7. The Singhs had to load their __________ (luggages / luggage) into the truck this morning.
  8. All of the __________ (girls / girl) in my seminar were invited for the celebrations.
  9. Thank you for providing me so much __________ (informations / information)
  10. We are given more __________ (homework / homeworks) this year than last year.
  11. We were instructed to put our __________ (book / books) away before starting the test.
  12. John and I watch __________ (football / footballs) together every Sunday.
  13. My boss gave me some __________ (money / moneys) for the party.
  14. There was a __________ (glass / glasses) of water kept on the dining table.
  15. There are many __________ (people / peoples) waiting to buy tickets from the counter.

Answers: 1. furniture, 2. dogs, 3. coffee 4. make up, 5. trees6. ideas, 7. luggage, 8. girls, 9. information, 10. homework, 11. books, 12. football, 13. money, 14. glass, 15. people

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