Specification for First Timers


If you are preparing for your IELTS examination, it is important for you to go through a checklist for first timers on how to prepare for your tests. Here we bring you a handy list of tips and tricks to keep in mind:

i. Go back to basics: Ensure you go back to basics while starting with your preparation for IELTS. Take help from an expert coach on IELTS tips for speaking test, IELTS tips and tricks for reading, and most importantly, on how to improve your English for IELTS tests.

ii. Good knowledge of tenses is required: An important IELTS speaking tip to be kept in mind is a good knowledge of the tenses in the English language. Ensure you are well acquainted with the use of present, past and future tenses for your IELTS speaking and writing tests

iii. Write a lot while leading up to IELTS tests: This is especially important for all candidates preparing for IELTS. Choose a topic and write on it. Take care of how you use the tenses, punctuations, verbs and nouns.

iv. Last 15 days before the main IELTS exam are very important: Whether you are preparing for the IELTS exam at home or under the guidance of a coach, the last 15 days before the main test are very important. Brush up on your speaking tips and IELTS tips and tricks for reading in these last 15 days.

v. Work on your spellings: The examiner is not only interested in knowing how well you speak and understand what s/he says, but will also judge you on your spellings. Your written IELTS test is, therefore, equally important.

vi. Work on your handwriting: No matter how well your tenses, nouns and spellings, everything will fall flat if your handwriting is not legible. Work on your handwriting as diligently as you prepare for all your IELTS examination components.vii. Practice makes you perfect: Practice is what will help improve your English for IELTS. This is an important tip for IELTS writing, reading and speaking tests. Reading newspapers aloud, writing randomly on any topic that comes to your mind, speaking with your family and friends in English instead of your mother tongue are just some of the tips you can practice.

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