Routine of Successful People

Apply these Mantras in life and climb the ladder of SUCCESS!

Healthy mind rests in healthy body- Don’t be lazy.  Get up and exercise. You can contribute only if you ‘live’.

Be the early bird and catch the worm- Make a habit of waking up early.  This way you will have more number of hours in your daily calendar.

Life is all about balance– Segregate the time for family and office. Work within the time planned.  This way, you will be able to make everyone happy, if not ‘the happiest’.

Invest your time wisely– Set up priorities in life.  Invest your time and efforts in what you can control and manage.

Don’t be a ‘Cry-Baby’– Let go of past. Digging the grave will only fetch you skeletons.  Live in PRESENT.  You can’t change the past, indeed your FUTURE is in your hands.

Work on actions, rather than words– Planning is the key to success. Reach your destination smoothly by working on the milestones. Have smaller goals and celebrate the achievement.

Get to the bottom of it- Ask questions till you are clear of the concept.  You control the conversations when you ask.

 Share- Share the knowledge with less privileged and less fortunate.  The more you share, the more you learn.

Closing– The most important factor.  We tend to start many projects, but how many do we close.  Whatever the task may be, the successful people start and finish the assigned work.  Move on to the next when previous file is closed.

Invest in yourself– Have strong network, update yourself, educate, invest in relationships, take care of your body, REDEFINE YOURSELF.

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