Underline the correct option.

1. My aunt, _ lives in Costa Rica, is an architect . who

a. which b. who c. whose

2. Reena didn’t say a single word the whole time, _ was very rude.

a. what b. who c. which

3. Do you know the person _ wallet was stolen?

a. which           b. whose          c. who

4. I’m afraid your certificate, _was issued two weeks ago, contains an error.

a. whose          b. which           c. who

5. Martha is going on holiday to Turkey, _ her friends have been living for two years.

a. where           b. when            c. which

6. I’ve never known anybody _ is as dedicated to his profession as you.

a. which           b. whose           c. who

7. That’s the bell _ you press when the alarm goes off.

a. what             b. who              c. that


2. Which

3. Whose

4. Which

5. Where

6. Who

7. That

Circle the correct option.

Don’t eat this piece of cake .It’s her/hers.

  1. Omer is a good friend of me/mine.
  2. My grandparent’s/ grandparents’ farmhouse is beautiful. They take good care of it.
  3. Tom’s and Nick’s/ Tom and Nick’s office is very close to the city station.
  4. My sister and I like their house better, our/ours seems much smaller.
  5. We can only estimate as nobody knows the day of the meeting/ the meeting’s day yet.
  6. Last week’s concert/ The concert of last week was really good.
  7. This is all your/ yours fault, not mine!
  8. The annual policemen’s/ policemens’ ball raised funds ford is abled children.


  1. mine
  2. grandparent’s
  3. Tom and Nick’s
  4. ours
  5. the day of the meeting
  6. Last week’s concert
  7. your
  8. annual policemen’s


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