Organizational Skills

My Signature Style – I am organized.

Have you ever wonder how people are able to complete multiple tasks within the given time span whereas we struggle to cope with limited chores assigned to us. Try working in an organized way – even if it doesn’t come naturally at first – the sooner you’ll change your habits, the better. Here are five routine tactics worth trying:

  1. Celebrate small achievements. Even if you complete three tasks out of your to-do list, celebrate and treat yourself with a cup of coffee or brownie or give yourself 10 minutes of lazy time or watch that program without the guilt. 
  2. Have a digital calendar to do the donkey’s work.  Use the technology wisely. Save all your reminders in one calendar.  If you do it digitally, you’ll find that the technology can pull everything together for you.
  3. Schedule minor tasks also. Set reminders for a day before, for preparations so that you are fully equipped and ready for the final task.  For instance, make sure you prepare all the teaching aids in advance for the class. This will help you in achieving your target to the core.  
  4. Get systematic at home. The first step is to organize with home chores.  You start your day from home and rest at home.  Home cannot be ignored.  Your organized approach to work will be fruitful when your chaotic home life is structured.  De clutter where you live to make mornings easier. Plan your whole day carefully. Besides, have extended help. 
  5. Put a high value on your time. Whether you’re prioritizing your weekly professional tasks, or mapping out your family obligations, think about how to make every second count. Remember, to value your time.

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