Fill in the blanks with the given options.

otherwise, whereas, however, despite, in fact, therefore, although, furthermore, consequently, moreover, instead, nevertheless, hence, unless

1. Mr Singh got the job _______________ the fact that he had very little experience.

2. My brother’s general knowledge is above average _______________ mine is at level zero.     

3. Tiger lost the game, but he told himself that he had improved a lot _______________.

4. You’d better wear a seat belt when you drive. _______________, you could hurt yourself in an accident.    

5. Reading is a brilliant way to increase your vocabulary. _______________, it can also help you improve your grammar.

6. The IELTS student’s essay was badly written. _______________, it was too short.

7. Wine will spoil if exposed to light; _______________, wine bottles are usually green or yellow.

8. Alcohol can delay your reaction times; _______________, you should never drink and drive.

9. _______________ we have talked about the dangers of smoking to the students before, I think the information needs to be repeated.       

10. Our prime minister was an incompetent leader. ____________, his government failed to fulfill the promises.

11. ________________ we talk, the divorce matter will not be resolved.

12. The lazy employees cut the corners _______________ of working upon their concerned areas.

13.  The Smith family rushed to the railway station _______________ they couldn’t reach because of the traffic they encountered on the way.

14.  Romala is the best dress designer.  _______________, she has won several accolades. 


  1. despite
  2. whereas
  3. nevertheless
  4. otherwise
  5. furthermore
  6. moreover
  7. therefore
  8. hence
  9. although
  10. consequently
  11. unless
  12. instead
  13. however
  14. in fact

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  1. I got 11 on 14 in this exercise moreover I found it very useful and beneficial.
    Thank you ma’am for giving us in order to complete this useful exercise .

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