Circle the correct option.

How much/ How many time do we have? How much

  1. She has a lot of friends but neither/ either of them lives close to her apartment.
  2. The children have eaten too many/ much junk food today.
  3. Anne and Ginny are twins. Both of/ All of them are very intelligent.
  4. The only problem with Vipul is that he asks too many/ too much questions.
  5. We can have daily meeting with you on Monday or Tuesday. Either/ Neither day is OK with me.
  6. Before I joined the present company, I read a lot/ a lot of books.
  7. Both/ Neither supermarket is open today. It’s a national holiday.
  8. If I were you, I wouldn’t spend so many/ much money on clothes.
  9. Can I have a few/ a little more wine, please?
  10. Some/ Some of our teachers have university degrees.


  1. neither
  2. much
  3. both of
  4. too many
  5. either
  6. a lot of
  7. neither
  8. much
  9. a little
  10. some of

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