English for IELTS: Learn from Edufolks

English for IELTS is a special course at Edufolks. It helps students to pass through IELTS examination with maximum efficiency in regular communication in a native English-speaking country.

About IELTS Examination

Succeeding in the IELTS examination is an eligibility criterion to migrate to a native English-speaking country for studying. In this examination, your ability to write, speak, read and listen to the English language will be tested. The more you score better.

Hence, to pass this examination you must learn English for IELTS properly instead of any regular communicative English course.

Let’s jump into what we have got to offer you in our English for IELTS course.

Edufolks is Offering You English for IELTS Course

The course content includes:


    • IELTS Guidelines

We will start from the basics. Our knowledgeable teachers will make you aware of every nook and corner of the IELTS. You will get all the necessary materials for the IELTS exam that will help you to get a comprehensive understanding of this examination.


    • Lexical Resources and Cohesive Devices

Speaking English in a native country requires many skills. Being flexible and fluent in daily communication is one of them. In our English for IELTS preparation course, we will fill you in with enough lexical resources and cohesive devices such as words or phrases to connect with native Englishmen very clearly. Also, lexical resources cover up to 25% of your IELTS score and consider it secured with our expert assistance.


    • Grammar

We will teach you everything about grammar and brush up on your skills. You will be taught by the best professors and will be able to avoid silly mistakes during the examination.


    • Phrases and Idioms and Collocations

We will help you to improve your vocabulary with special classes on native phrases, idioms and collocations. Be ensured that we will make you competent enough to sustain yourself in a new educational environment.


    • Spellings and Practise Worksheets

Lastly, we arrange frequent mock tests and personalized feedback sessions from our expert teachers. We take special care of your spelling skills and make you flawless in your attempt to succeed in the IELTS examination. So, end your search for the best IELTS English course with Edufolks and get comprehensive assistance from our professionals

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