IELTS Grammar

Exercise I      

Fill in the gaps with a word from below in the correct form. If the word is countable, you may need to change it to a plural form.

advice       cake       challenge      electricity    information     situation              size

  1. I’ve faced many challenges in my life, but none as difficult as this.
  2. Some of the best ………..I heard while I was a student was to take regular breaks when studying so that you don’t lose concentration.
  3. A dictionary is a wonderful source of ……………… .
  4. I’ve made some little …………… for Claire’s birthday party.
  5. One hundred years ago cars all looked the same but these days they come in lots of different shapes and ……………… .
  6. My job as a journalist means I can find myself in difficult ………… at times, but at least it’s never boring.
  7. There was no …………. in the remote cottage, so they had to cook over the fire.


  1. challenges
  2. advice
  3. information
  4. cakes
  5. sizes
  6. situations
  7. electricity

Exercise II

Underline the correct form of the verbs.

  1. Despite the recent improvement in the economy, unemployment has continued / have continued to rise.
  2. Our company hasn’t changed its products for over 30 years but now the time has come / have come for a rethink.
  3. The ideas in the report was / were presented in a very clear way.
  4. The data show / shows that the numbers of people buying mobile phones has remained stable for the past two years.
  5. Transport to and from the airport is included / are included in the price.
  6. There was / were no facilities like running water or electricity in the village.
  7. All the information is / are interesting and well presented, but we need to consider the whole situation very carefully before we reach a decision.
  8. There was / were some important news about the proposed new hospital in the local paper today.


  1. has continued
  2. has come
  3. was
  4. shows
  5. is included
  6. were
  7. is
  8. was

Exercise III

Fill in the gaps with amount, number, few, little, many or much.

How much sleep do we need?

The (1) amount of sleep each person needs depends on (2) __________ factors, including age. Infants generally require about sixteen hours a day.   For most adults, seven to eight hours a night appears to be the ideal (3) __________of sleep, although a (4) __________ people may need as (5) __________ as five hours’ sleep or as (6) __________ as ten hours’ sleep each day.  Getting too (7) __________ sleep creates a sleep debt, and eventually, your body will demand that the debt be repaid.

A large (8) ……….. of people over 65 have frequent sleeping problems, such as insomnia, and deep sleep stages in (9)…………. elderly people often become very short or stop completely. Microsleeps, or very brief episodes of sleep in an otherwise awake person, are another mark of sleep deprivation. In (10) ………… cases, people are not aware that they are experiencing microsleeps. The widespread practice of burning the candle at both ends in western industrialized societies has created so (11) ………… sleep deprivation that what is really abnormal sleepiness is now almost the norm.


  1. amount
  2. many
  3. amount
  4. few
  5. little (sleep is uncountable)/ few (hours are countable)
  6. much/many
  7. little
  8. number
  9. many
  10. many
  11. much 

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