Choose the correct idiom & fill in the blanks.

around the clock, put all eggs in one basket, in the nutshell, in the red,

in the black, at stake, hands are tied, uphill task/struggle, call it a day,

win-win situation, hit the nail on the head

1. Thousands of lives will be __________ if emergency aid does not arrive in the city soon.

2. The Opposition face __________ to win back voters.

3. Flexible working hours are a __________ for employers and employees.

4. Detectives watched him __________.

5. We have been at this for hours; let’s__________ and come back tomorrow when we are fresh.

6. I’d like to raise people’s salaries, but my __________.

7. I’m pleased to announce that the company is __________ for the fifth consecutive year.

8. He__________ when he said the problem was the thermostat.

9. __________, the boss has agreed to pay the pending expenses.

10. We’re back__________ because sales are way down this quarter.

11. Mr Singh’s financial adviser urged him to be careful and not to __________ by investing all his money on stocks.

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