General Grammar

Write the correct option.

My dad _ if I really wanted to study law. asked

a. said        b. asked      c. told

  1. My step father _ that he wanted to join us for lunch.

a. asked    b. said       c. told

2. Ms Smith was sorry for missing school and explained that she’d been ill the _ week.

a. before    b. earlier    c. previous

3. The examiner asked us _ talking in the hall.

a. to stop     b. that we stop   c. stop

4. Someone _ me that there had been a fire in my building and we have to vacate it.

a. spoke     b. told        c. said

5. Does any body know how far _ from the main city?

a. we are      b. we were     c. are we

6. I told her _ take it personally but she took it on her heart.

a. don’t      b. to not       c. not to


  1. told
  2. previous
  3. to stop
  4. told
  5. are we
  6. not to

Write the correct option.

Has _ seen Julia today? anybody

a. somebody   b. anybody     c. nobody

  1. Please, listen to me! I’ve got _ important to tell you regarding the sales.

a. anything    b. everything  c. something

2. We had late breakfast. _ wants to eat yet.

a. somebody   b. nobody     c. anybody

3. It was an awful day, _ seemed to go right.

a. something   b. anything   c. nothing

4. I want to stay alone at home! I don’t want to go _ now.

a. nowhere      b. anywhere   c. everywhere

5. Do you think you could do _ for me, please?

a. something   b. anything   c. nothing

6. Julie must be very shy. She never says _.

a. anything    b. nothing     c. everything



  1. something
  2. nobody
  3. nothing
  4. anywhere
  5. anything
  6. anything

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