False Friends / Homophones / Similar Sounding Words

Exercise IV

Find the antonyms or synonyms in each sentence.

1. The job of stuffing envelopes is a very tedious task.

2. Twins share many similarities, but there are always some differences between them.

3. John cut his finger while he carved the turkey.

4. My arrogant boss wore casual attire to the party when it was supposed to be a formal affair.

5. The convict looks innocent but is guilty and will be behind the bars.

6. I desire to go to the beach and wish to swim in the ocean.

7. I only heard part of the message from my colleague, but I need to hear the wholemessage.

8. The snow is thawing and the ice is melting on this unusual warm winter day.

9. Her conservative parents allowed her to go on the trip and let her ride the bus with her friends.

10. After having concealed the painting for a long time, it was finally exhibited.

11. After cleaning his dirty room for two hours, it was finally spotless.

12. That antique was valuable to him, but it was priceless to his mother.


  1. Synonyms- job, task
  2. Antonyms- similarities, differences
  3. Synonyms- cut, carve
  4. Antonyms- casual,  formal
  5. Antonyms- innocent, guilty
  6. Synonyms- desire, wish
  7. Antonyms- part, whole
  8. Synonyms- thawing, melting
  9. Synonyms- allowed, let
  10. Antonyms- concealed, exhibited
  11. Antonyms- dirty, spotless
  12. Antonyms- valuable, priceless

Exercise III

For each of the following sentences, circle the correct word choice:

1. After the hard day, I walked (strait / straight) to my bed, (to / too) tired to eat.

2. (Were / Where) you horrified during the horror movie? I estimated looking at his puffy toad eyes.

3. My guardian instructed me to clean my room, and (than / then) watch TV.

4. The site of the new metro station will be over (their / there / they’re), across the road.

5. (Which / Witch) (of / off) the files do you want?

6. I (hear/ here) that you’ve been selected for the expedition to Mt. Everest.

7. I tried but couldn’t (no / know) how to crack to main obstacle.

8. Looking at the clouds, I wonder (weather / whether) it will rain this weekend or not.

9. The nation is witnessing us going (threw / through) difficult times currently.

10. Samata was (quiet / quite) surprised by her birthday present given by Chaitanya.

11. If the (weather / whether) is bad, we will have to cancel our camping trip.

12. In study hall, all students must be (quiet / quite).

13. Harry (threw / through) the ball right (hear / here) and broke a car window.

14. (Whose/Who’s) responsible for the advertising of the event? I enquired from the counter.

15. The weather greatly (effected/affected) the outcome of the race in the tournament.

16. (Their/They’re/There) psychology books are on the bottom drawer in the chest.

17. Earlier today, we walked with our guests (to/too) the ice cream parlor.

18. It was indeed a spectacular sight to see the red roses scattered (among/between) the carnations.

19. Kelly ordered her lunch, and (then/than) she went back to work.

20. I ponder as to why there was too (much/many) chlorine in the pool.


1.       straight

2.       Were

3.       then

4.       there

5.       Which… of

6.       hear

7.       know

8.       whether

9.       through

10.   quite

11.   weather

12.   quiet

13.   threw…here

14.   Who’s

15.   affected

16.   their

17.   to

18.   among

19.   then

20.   much

Exercise I

For each of the following sentences, circle the correct word choice:

1. My big boss allowed/aloud me to watch a movie with my colleagues on a working day.

2. Divani had eight/ate rupees left in her wallet.

3. I kept getting a knot/not in my shoe during the game.

4. The Indian team won/one the world cup.

5. The tourist had no choice but to stay at the in/inn.

6. All the ladies waited for the clearance sail/sale.

7. After the hectic day, my team and I decided to go for the movie at knight/night.

8. My son/sun troubles me waking up in the mornings.

9. Some/Sum of the things emerged from nowhere and made the difference.

10. The constant efforts of the to/two players made them win.

11. Look over there/their/they’re.

12. The students have five papers do/due/duo this week.

13. The feeble and weak/week old man was waiting for some attention.

14. My finicky neighbour ordered a plain/plane burger from the take-away restaurant.

15. The harsh words can have a negative effect/affect on the mind.

16. The scent/cent of the perfume reminded me of my mother.

17. The little girl blue/blew the candles in one go.

18. Both the channels showed different weather/whether reports.

19. The stationery/stationary shop was closed due to heavy losses.

20. Be/Bee farming has emerged in the village during the last decade.


1. allowed

2. eight

3. knot

4. won

5. inn

6. sale

7. night

8. son

9. Some

10. two

11. there

12. due

13. weak

14. plain

15. effect

16. scent

17. blew

18. weather

19. stationery

20. Bee

Exercise II

For each of the following sentences, circle the correct word choice:

1. (Among/Between) me and you, I think Kimi won the contest.

2. The cafeteria had too (many/much) chairs in the hall.

3. Anne was (to/too) excited to go to the movie.

4. (Their/They’re/There) going to the amusement park tomorrow as it’s opening after a year.

5. The salt had a negative (effect/affect) when the students conducted the experiment.

6. The gas and petrol prices continue to (raise/rise).

7. Ricky scored higher on the psychology exam (then/than) I did.

8. (Who/Which) wants to go to the recreational park tonight?

9. (Whose/Who’s) watch is this on the counter? Must’ve been some customer’s.

10. The old key chain is beneath the cabinet over (their/there/they’re).


  1. between
  2. many
  3. too
  4. They’re
  5. effect
  6. rise
  7. than
  8. Who
  9. Whose
  10. there

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