Common Mistakes while Introducing Oneself


“Hello, myself Sumesh Saboo.”

This is one blunder most of the executives do while introducing themselves in business meetings. It’s an incorrect way of expressing oneself.  Yes, it can be said, “Hello, I’m Sumesh Sabbo.”

“I’m Mr Sumesh Sabbo.”

The titles like Mr, Mrs, Miss are for others to address.  A person should not use labels with his/her own name. The right way is – “I’m Sumesh Saboo.”

“He is Mr Sumesh from ABC Company.”

Remember Amitabh Bachaan’s filmy name ‘Mr Vijay’?  It’s a typical way of expression in general crowd.  It’s one of the common mistakes.  The titles cannot be used with the first name.  Hence, the correct way is Mr ___ (last name). “He is Mr Sabbo/ Mr Sumesh Sabbo from ABC Company.”

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