Business Idioms

hands are tiedno control over situation
The management genuinely wanted to increase the wages but their hands are tied as there is no income because of the current crisis.
corner a marketto dominate a specific marketGibolo has cornered the market in fast food outlets.  They have stores every nook and corner. 
cut cornersto take shortcuts and find an easier or cheaper way to do somethingMegan’s idea of cutting corner bounced back on her.  She was shown the door the very next day.
back to square oneto restartMy project was not selected by the managing committee. I am back to square one.  I admitted it was done in a jiffy. 
blue collarsomeone who works with hands – in manufacturing, construction or maintenance unitsCoal Valley is a blue collar town with a lot of farmers and factory workers.  Perhaps, that’s because of the new railway line coming up in the vicinity.
cut-throatvery intense, aggressive, and mercilessIn business school, they prepare you for the cut-throat competitions.
call it a dayto decide to stop working for the dayLet’s call it a day, team.  I am famished.  We shall begin early morning tomorrow.
go broke/bankruptto lose all the moneyIn spite of repeated warnings, my uncle invested in one scheme.  The company failed.  He is broke.  No point crying over the spilt milk.
go down the drainwasted effortsAndy dropped out of college in his third year and never continued his studies. All of his hard work and money went down the drain.
go the extra mileto do more than what people expect.We go the extra mile for our customers. If someone is dissatisfied with a purchase, we refund their money and offer them a discount on their next purchase.

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