Body Language

Here are some tips relating to your appearance and body language. For each one, select the correct missing word from the options below:

1. Make sure your clothes are clean, and ________ wear obvious logos or designer names.

a. do

b. don’t

c. must

2. Don’t use __________ much deodorant or perfume!

a. to

b. too

c. two

3. Don’t wear too much jewellery. Interviewers don’t ______ like rings!

a. never

b. sometimes

c. usually

4. Wear _______ that are smart and comfortable.

a. cloths

b. clothes

c. covers

5. Arrive well __________ the interview time.

a. before

b. after

c. later than

6. Make eye ________ with the interviewer when you are introduced.

a. contactation

b. contiction

c. contact

7. Give a firm handshake and make sure you ___________!

a. snarl

b. smile

c. snigger

8. Don’t ________. This will distract the interviewer from what you’re saying.

a. fidget

b. figgit

c. fijit

9. Don’t appear over-confident, for example by leaning too far back in your chair, but do try to __________.

a. relax

b. relapse

c. collapse


1. (b) don’t    2. (b) too  

3. (c) usually   4. (b) clothes   

5. (a) before    6. (c) contact   

7. (b) smile   8. (a) fidget  

9. (a) relax

Useful words

Read the expressions below. Match the words with their definition.

appearancein a disagreement
distancehaving to go with words
gestureemotions that you show on your face
statementsomething stated in words
conflictingthe way something or someone looks
facial expressionspace between two objects
starea body movement which shows feeling or thought
verbalto look very closely for a long time


1. emotions that you show on your face- facial expression

2. to look very closely for a long time- stare

3. in a disagreement- conflicting

4. something stated in words- verbal

5. having to go with words- statement

6. the way something or someone looks- appearance

7. space between two objects- distance

8. a body movement which shows feeling or thought- gesture

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